IMG_0351Listen folks I need help. You see I need to find someone who wants a dog like me. I’m a different kind of sort, you know some people don’t like my breed so I would rather have a owner that knows who I am.
I was adopted as a puppy the first time by a nice enough guy, but he couldn’t spend much time with me, days went by and pretty soon he couldn’t afford me and lost interest in my well being. Instead of keeping me in the house or even a crate I spent day after day in his car, no matter what the weather was like outside. Finally I was rescued.
I’m not a bad boy, I just need someone to take time and give me some attention so I can learn some good manners. I love to run and I wouldn’t be opposed to having a doggie brother or sister to play with all the time. Probably best I have a fenced in yard, since I love to play so much.
Contact Jane at 765-720-5671 if interested. Please fill out application if interested go to www.sacredsycamoreanimalrescue.org click on adopt scroll down to application follow instructions.

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