Sacred Sycamore Animal Rescue is named for a great tree on hallowed Indian burial ground in central Indiana. This tree has survived generations, providing shelter, assistance and a guide post for animals and humans alike. Like this tree, the founding members of Sacred Sycamore Animal Rescue are working to create deep roots for our organization that will grow into a strong core with branches that extend as far as the roots can bear.

At the roots of our organization, Sacred Sycamore is committed to working with persons and organizations of unquestionable motive and character to develop a far-reaching rescue network, which will include foster parents, volunteers, partnering rescue organizations, pet and rescue-friendly businesses, internet resources and no-kill shelters. We will also partner with reputable resources in veterinary medicine, animal grooming, animal training and animal boarding services to ensure that the actions of the organization and its representatives are truly in the best interest of the animals. We will be funded by donations and grants as to maintain control over our resources and to avoid any restrictions or potential conflicts of interests with other organizations.

Using these strong roots, we will extend to not only place an animal in a home but to find their perfect home and family the first time. Animals will be placed in a safe and secure internal shelter with access to external space, as appropriate, for relieving themselves, exercise and enjoyment. Adoptive families will participate in an education and interview process, including a follow up home visit, to ensure successful placement. These requirements for adoption will serve as the trunk of our organization.

Because we cannot extend our reach beyond what our roots can bear, Sacred Sycamore will only commit to financially assisting an animal if it has the financial resources available to do so at the time. We understand that we must only grow as fast as our roots allow to provide longevity for the organization and to help the greatest number of animals over the long term. Like the leaves and branches of our tree, the number of families and animals that we are able to assist will grow based on the strength of our root system and the solid core of our trunk.

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