Month: June 2016

Dhani( Danny)

Dhani 1Please help another dog being returned after six years, Dhani was adopted in 2010, and his owner has decided its time to return Dhani. The owner says Dhani has to be in a kennel 30 to 40% of the time, because he travels, and he doesnt feel its fair to Dhani. What isnt fair is giving Dhani away, doesnt he think this poor baby is going to miss his owner. If you travel you can always spend more time with your animal when you are home, to make up for the time you have to be on the road. It really depends on how much work you are willing to put in towards your dog companion. Anyone willing to foster or give Dhani a forever home please contact Jane at 765-720-5671 for more information.


Juba 1My name is Juba,Aka registered as Sir Juba. I hope those who think they may want a Mastiff take time to educate themselves on the breed. We are extremely lovable but at the same time we have some character and physical traits that could be hard for some to live with. I have been with my previous owners since I was 3 months old and 30lbs and I am now 4 yrs old and 170lbs. My mom was 180lbs and Dad was 240lbs. I know basic commands – sit, stay, down, eat your food, come here, drop it, go lay down.
I am trained to wait for the ” ok Juba ” command before touching my food.
I’m trained to not expect tidbits from the dinner table.
I am not prone to licking but I Love to put My head on your lap                                                        for stroking.
I love to play in water. Love the garden hose.
There are lots more things about me to love you just need to come meet me. Contact Jane at 765-720-5671 if interested.