Bryce is a beautiful white lab x who is as sweet as he can be. He’s also very shy at first. Bryce spent the first 7 months of his life all alone so it takes him a minute to warm up to new people. When he does he’s loyal and oh so loving and loves to snuggle! Bryce is a fan of anything furry with 4 legs. I think he finds comfort in other dogs and also likes the kitties! There’s not a mean none in this boys body! Bryce is potty trained and crate trained. He’s still working on leash walking but he’s so food motivated and so smart that he will pick anything up with some repetition and consistency! Bryce is a very easy keeper and such a sweet boy!

Berkley & Babies

Momma Berkley & her babies! She is weaning her babies so will be available for adoption soon. See individual photos for names/sex of pups that will be available. All pups are super social and would make great family dogs! 7 week heeler/ pit mix puppies. They are healthy, active, and social! They will be ready for adoption soon. If interested, put in your app, and arrange for a meet and greet.They are beautiful!

Momma Berkley is very loving, gets along well with other dogs with a proper introduction, will make a wonderful companion! Would probably be best with no small children, chickens or farm animals! ????

Applications can be found on our website

“GREASE” Litter

Well the cuteness is REAL! These little angels are currently about ~5 weeks old. They’re fat and sassy, starting to bark and growl and play bite and wagging their cute little tails! They give THE SWEETEST little kisses. There are 2 boys (Danny and Zuko) and 2 girls (Sandy and Rizzo). They are little terrier mixes (maybe JRT?) and will not be over 20 lbs. If interested in adopting please fill out an application! They will be ready to go home once they are a little older and have received proper vetting.

Little Phineeas

Introducing Phineeas, our recent “all American” orphan pup. He is a spunky little guy, about 8 weeks, and very playful. He was taken away from mom too early, so he will need a friend to play with, and keep him company. He loves other dog friends! We expect he would do fine with kiddos as he is very outgoing and loving. Cats are unknown! As soon as he is neutered, and has had his vaccines he will be able to be adopted. Such a cutie pie! We expect him to be a medium sized dog once fully grown.

Interested in Phineeas? Fill out an application and submit via the ADOPT A PET tab on our webpage. Contact Jane with any questions/comments about this guy at 765-720-5671.


Reintroducing Penny…unfortunately this sweet girl was returned to Sacred Sycamore after being adopted out 5 years ago. She is ~65lbs, ~6 year old, Viszla mix who is extremely loving and intelligent. Penny would love to go to a foster home where she can relax and romp around a backyard with her people! She enjoys walks and does need exercise to keep her happy, but no worries because she is a good leash walker! She has experience with older children and invisible fence, however, has displayed some resource guarding with small children and other dogs. We are currently working with a trainer (Connie Swaim) to work with her in resource guarding issues with small children and dogs. When Penny was at our rescue in 2019 she did not display any resource guarding behaviors with other dogs and was housed with other rescue dogs at the time. Penny is house trained and has had basic obedience training. She is a great dog who just needs someone to give her a chance to thrive in a forever home. Please call or text Jane at 765-720-5671 if you would be willing to open up your home to Penny!

Check out what her trainer had to say! “If anyone is looking for a great dog, please consider Penny. I have met Penny twice now and she is extremely people friendly. She loves going on walks and hanging with people who pet her.

Penny does have some resource guarding issues with other dogs. She is absolutely a dream to intro to new dogs and she matches her play style to the dogs I saw her meet; but she does not like to share any nearyby humans.

She may resource guard high value items in a home according to her previous owners (but they kept her five years until they had a baby). If someone adopts Penny, I will definitely help you change her behavior around resources in your home.

She might be happier as an only dog in a home; but would be fine I think for someone who likes to travel to places where there are other dogs to meet from time to time.

She is just a sweetheart.”

Meet Paisley!

Paisley is a 5 month old American Bully pup pulled from a high risk animal control facility. Paisley is super loving, loves to play and run around with other dogs, and is a short-statured little lady. She is recovering and receiving medical care for demodectic mange that she arrived to rescue with and is otherwise a happy, healthy, and wiggly girl! Interested in being Paisley’s happy ever after? Applications can be found on our website under “Adopt a Pet,” please reach out to 765-720-5671 with any questions!

Sweet Toffee!

My name is Toffee (F), and I am the newest little orphan at Sacred Sycamore. I am about 6-7 weeks old and am being fostered at this time. I will be available to adopt after I am spayed in several weeks. I have the cutest under bite, and am very social. A real cutie pie! Interested in giving Toffee a forever home? Reach out to Sacred Sycamore Animal Rescue at 765-720-5671.

Remy & Roscoe

Meet our two newest adoptable GSD pups, Roscoe (M) & Remi (F)! They are ~12 weeks old, well-socialized with dogs in current foster home, crate trained, and mostly house trained. They are SUPER eager to learn and please and would make an excellent addition to most any household!
If interested in adopting one of these two cuties, please fill out an application and contact our director Jane to set up a meet and greet (if approved) via phone at 765-720-5671. They will likely need a home with a fenced in yard to burn off some of that shepherd energy and would be okay with other dogs. Applications can be found on our website under the Adopt a Pet tab.

Meet Sheldon

Sheldon came to us from some good Samaritans who found him during the latest subzero cold spell. Sheldon was found near a warehouse in downtown Indianapolis, emaciated, and with signs of frostbite. He’s currently in boarding and recovering well. After receiving proper vet care, he will be available for adoption! We are very grateful that the warehouse who contacted us about Sheldon asking for help also made a charitable donation to take care of his vetting.

We are taking applications ahead of time if anyone is interested in offering this sweet soul a forever home. We have dog tested him and he is dog friendly; cats and kids are unknown.

Applications can be found under our ADOPT A PET tab.