Reintroducing Penny…unfortunately this sweet girl was returned to Sacred Sycamore after being adopted out 5 years ago. She is ~65lbs, ~6 year old, Viszla mix who is extremely loving and intelligent. Penny would love to go to a foster home where she can relax and romp around a backyard with her people! She enjoys walks and does need exercise to keep her happy, but no worries because she is a good leash walker! She has experience with older children and invisible fence, however, has displayed some resource guarding with small children and other dogs. We are currently working with a trainer (Connie Swaim) to work with her in resource guarding issues with small children and dogs. When Penny was at our rescue in 2019 she did not display any resource guarding behaviors with other dogs and was housed with other rescue dogs at the time. Penny is house trained and has had basic obedience training. She is a great dog who just needs someone to give her a chance to thrive in a forever home. Please call or text Jane at 765-720-5671 if you would be willing to open up your home to Penny!

Check out what her trainer had to say! “If anyone is looking for a great dog, please consider Penny. I have met Penny twice now and she is extremely people friendly. She loves going on walks and hanging with people who pet her.

Penny does have some resource guarding issues with other dogs. She is absolutely a dream to intro to new dogs and she matches her play style to the dogs I saw her meet; but she does not like to share any nearyby humans.

She may resource guard high value items in a home according to her previous owners (but they kept her five years until they had a baby). If someone adopts Penny, I will definitely help you change her behavior around resources in your home.

She might be happier as an only dog in a home; but would be fine I think for someone who likes to travel to places where there are other dogs to meet from time to time.

She is just a sweetheart.”

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