Author: Terri Johnson

Reggie’s new home

Reggie3Reggie was rescued from a home that kept him caged all day. If he wasn’t caged he was on a chain. Reggie had no human contact. Reggie was recently adopted by a wonderful family. Reggie’s Mom sent Sacred Sycamore a nice email letting us know how Reggie was adapting. Here is just a little bit of the email.
“Hello!  I just wanted to make sure you knew that Reggie has just fully adapted to our home!  We -love- him. He’s just so perfect for our family! His happy face, his constantly wagging tail, the way he loves seeing my husband and kids come home from work and school, the way we putter around the house all day together doing chores.  It took him a few weeks to really come out of his shell. We weren’t really worried, but have noticed that he is finally HIMSELF. A happy, loving, sweet little fella!”
“Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that he is completely a part of Reggie2this family!! We absolutely love him!!”

Bryant, Adriane, Jacob, Jesse and Tristin

And Reggie 😉


Peyton“Hi my name is Peyton and I’m a sweet girl around 10months old. Right now I’m living in a foster home and the lady is very nice, but what I really need is a forever home.
I’m very friendly to people and other animals. I love to take walks, so someone who likes to run or go for walks would be a good fit for me. I’m very smart, so with the right training, I probably could even do some tricks! ”
Love Peyton

Contact Jane at 765-720-5671 to meet Peyton. [The adoption fee for Peyton is $200]*
*fee is based on the individual dog needs. See our Adopt page.


Body2“Hi my name is  Bodie. I am a little girl about 5 months old and I love people. I’m not sure where I came from, I just remember ending up in a nice ladies garage. I did not have a chip or collar. No one came to claim me, so now I am looking for my forever home. I get along with other animals and I really like to fetch the ball, and run and play. I am very active.”
Love Bodie

Contact Jane at 765-720-5671 to meet Bodie. [The adoption fee for Bodie is $200]*
*fee is based on individual dog needs. See our Adopt page.


Hank1“Hello I’m Hank and I need to find a family that will love and take care of me. I was with a family, but they couldn’t keep me, so now I am back trying to find that forever home. I love people, other dogs, cats, you name it I like it. I’m11months old, with lots of energy. Probably best if my new family has a fenced in yard so I can run and play.”
Love Hank

Contact Jane at 765-720-5671 to meet Hank. [The adoption fee for Hank is $200]*
*fee is based on individual dog needs. See our Adopt page.




Basil2“My name is Basil and I’m about 5 months old. I have three sisters and one brother. We are all very cute and loving. We were just rescued from a high kill shelter in Kentucky , and we are looking for our forever homes. We have lots of energy, so someone with time to spend with us would be perfect. We have been told we are little characters. We are silly little puppies that will make you smile. ”
Love Basil


Contact Jane at 765-720-5671 to meet Basil. [The adoption fee for Basil is $200]*
*fee is based on individual dog needs. See our Adopt page.