Reggie’s new home

Reggie3Reggie was rescued from a home that kept him caged all day. If he wasn’t caged he was on a chain. Reggie had no human contact. Reggie was recently adopted by a wonderful family. Reggie’s Mom sent Sacred Sycamore a nice email letting us know how Reggie was adapting. Here is just a little bit of the email.
“Hello!  I just wanted to make sure you knew that Reggie has just fully adapted to our home!  We -love- him. He’s just so perfect for our family! His happy face, his constantly wagging tail, the way he loves seeing my husband and kids come home from work and school, the way we putter around the house all day together doing chores.  It took him a few weeks to really come out of his shell. We weren’t really worried, but have noticed that he is finally HIMSELF. A happy, loving, sweet little fella!”
“Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that he is completely a part of Reggie2this family!! We absolutely love him!!”

Bryant, Adriane, Jacob, Jesse and Tristin

And Reggie 😉

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